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San Antonio home inspector, Boerne home inspector, Bulverde home inspector, Schertz home inspector, Cibolo home inspector, Converse home inspector, Fair Oaks home inspector, Garden Ridge home inspector, Spring Branch home inspector, Universal City home inspector San Antonio commercial inspection, Boerne commercial inspection, Bulverde commercial inspection, Schertz commercial inspection, Cibolo commercial inspection, Converse commercial inspection, Fair Oaks commercial inspection, Garden Ridge commercial inspection, Spring Branch commercial inspection, Universal City commercial inspection San Antonio home inspection, Boerne home inspection, Bulverde home inspection, Schertz home inspection, Cibolo home inspection, Converse home inspection, Fair Oaks home inspection, Garden Ridge home inspection, Spring Branch home inspection, Universal City home inspection

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So you've found the dream home in the San Antonio area, now you have a very short time to get a home inspection. Browse through our website to learn more about us and then make the call or click on the button at the top right of the page, and I will call you.

Here are some questions we'll ask to get a better idea of what will be inspected:
What is the approximate square footage of the house?
How many floors, one story or two?
Is the foundation slab or pier and beam?
When was the house built or the approximate age of the house?
What is the address?
When would you like to have the inspection done and will you be present?

This is all it takes to get things started. Once the inspection is completed, which will take approximately two to four hours, depending on the structure; you will have a detailed inspection in your hands the following morning. I will email it to you and your real estate agent.

Some people are being forced to sell their homes because of the economy or a job change.  Many times, repair work that was intended, was put off until later, and now there is no time or money for those repairs.  It is important for you to know short cuts were not made in order to get the house ready for sale, leaving you with the surprise expense after you have closed the deal.  Also, with the foreclosure rates on the rise in San Antonio, it's even more important that a home gets inspected by a professional. Benchmark Home Inspections will ensure you have all the information needed to make one of the largest financial decisions of your life.  By hiring a local home inspector in the San Antonio Area, you'll get a qualified professional that is experienced with the building practices in the area.

We pride ourselves on providing the best inspection in the area. We provide detailed reports (view a sample report) which include digital photographs with matching comments, explaining what we have found. You will never have to guess at what the picture is showing you. We provide Multi-story Home Inspections, Condo and Townhouse Inspections, Commercial Property Inspections, and Infrared Thermal Imaging Evaluations in the San Antonio area.  By choosing Benchmark Home Inspections, you're getting professional, experienced inspectors.  


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